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Promoting the Profession by Aligning Educational Program Titles to the Medical Laboratory Science Career

Explore the current landscape of educational programs and degree titles as this webinar presents the case for MLS nomenclature alignment. Learn about the experience of changing from clinical laboratory science (CLS) to an MLS program with a focus on university-based programs, consideration of best practices, stumbling blocks, and finding support.

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NAACLS 2023 Report

The NAACLS Annual Survey of Programs, mandatory for accredited programs, is a valuable resource for procuring trends and resources within the laboratory profession. The data offers insights into NAACLS accredited programs, graduates, certification examination pass rates, graduation, and placement rates. The information also covers trends in program resources, director turnover, and programs seeking initial accreditation.

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COLA WAA Summit Proceedings Document

The Workforce Action Alliance (WAA) is an executive-level group of stakeholders in the laboratory industry working together to address the laboratory workforce shortage. The group met in 2023 to define three priorities to work on together.

The 2023 Workforce Action Alliance Summit

COLA 2023 Workforce Action Alliance Summit

COLA 2023 Workforce Action Alliance Summit


Dr. Alvin Ring Empowerment Scholarship for Laboratory Professionals

The Dr. Alvin Ring Empowerment Scholarship for Laboratory Professionals, established through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), aims to provide financial aid to those pursuing higher education in the medical laboratory sciences. Scholarships range from $1,000-$5,000 depending on applicant qualifications and degree program pursued.
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Summer Youth Employment Program

This program is specifically designed for high school students and aims to provide underserved, underrepresented, low-income, and minority students with invaluable experiences in the healthcare field which in turn help them discover and take a major step toward pursuing the health career that best suits them.

Summer Youth Employment Program